International Day of Light

Participants at the International Conference of Physics Students 2017 in Turin, Italy.


Physics Students Worldwide volunteer for UNESCO Day of Light

The International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) contributed for the first time to the UNESCO International Day of Light, organizing new activities and participating with a delegation of volunteers on May 2018 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Twenty-five Physics students met in the French capital and with a truly international delegation, gathering students from seventeen different countries – including Mexico and the USA – perfectly within the UNESCO and IAPS goals of integration and cooperation.

IAPS is always focused both on the contemporary scientific and technological developments and on the educational and scientific culture. Actively taking part in the International Day of Light as a Collaborating Partner is a terrific opportunity to provide a young student’s point of view and to enhance fruitful collaborations.

Following the success of the 2015 UNESCO International Year of Light, IAPS has introduced, with the support of the European Physical Society, the IAPS Light Grant, a form of financial support for activities taking place between May 14th and May 18th every year. The outreach or educational activities must be open to the general public and possibly a specific age group, focusing on the science of light and its technological applications. IAPS is thus going to foster and encourage the organization of light-related activities, focusing the attention of its members on the key role of light in our society, and expects a worldwide participation.

We very much appreciate the support of the ICTP, IEEE Photonics Society and DESY.


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