IAPS organises excursions for its members to places that are of interest to physics students. Apart from this, IAPS also encourages events and excursions with an international focus which are organised by its members.

The classic event is iaps2CERN, the annual visit to CERN open to every IAPS member. Another traditional event is iaps4fusion, organised by IAPS member NC UK and Ireland. NC Italy also organises several excursions, like Lights of Tuscany and PAPAP. You also have an opportunity to travel to Mexico and participate in AstroIAPS, organised by IAPS member NC Mexico.

If you are interested in organising excursions, you can learn how using the How to Guide, where you find information on how to gather sponsors, set up a budget and a timetable, reach out to your fellow physics students and more. If you are interested in organising such an excursion in your country, do not hesitate to contact events@iaps.info for any information!

IAPS can also help you organise excursions through the IMAP grant! Read more about it here and contact treasurer@iaps.info if you have any doubts on the details of the grant.